The amended Delhi excise rules, which allow home delivery of liquor through mobile apps and portals, came into effect on Friday. However, the home delivery mechanism will take shape only after the government draws up terms of references.

According to an official notification dated June 10, the Delhi Finance Department said that most of the amendments, including that of Rule 66 of Delhi Excise Rule, will come into effect on Friday (June 11).

The provision of home delivery comes under Rule 66. Earlier, holders of L-13 license were allowed to carry out such delivery “at the residences only if the order is received through e-mail or by Fax (not on the telephone)”.

Due to the impracticality of the rule, there were no takers for the license. Till date, the government has not issued any L-13 license.

After the amendment, future L-13 license holders will be allowed to accept orders for home delivery through mobile apps and portals as well. However, whether or not home delivery of liquor finally begins in Delhi still depends on applications for L-13 licenses and the government’s willingness to clear them.

“Technically one can apply for an L13 license but that means nothing unless the government decides which companies will be allowed to carry out home delivery. The government will have to set rules defining the qualifying criteria for companies which will be eligible to get into the delivery business,” a senior official said.

After reports on the amendments had first broken out, the Delhi government had issued a response pointing out the provision for home delivery always existed but it had not issued any L-13 license so far.

“Licence in Form L-13 for home delivery of Indian liquor and Foreign Liquor by ordering through the mobile app or online web portal. The licensee shall make delivery of liquor at the residences only if an order is received through the mobile app or online web portal and no delivery shall be made to any hostel, office, and institution,” says the amended rule.

The other provisions that will also come into effect on June 11 include permission to microbreweries to provide takeaway services and also supply to bars and restaurants.

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