Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Friday wrote to Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal to share suggestions on how students of Class XII can be evaluated, following the cancellation of the CBSE Board exams.

He has suggested that students be evaluated on the basis of 30% to Class XII pre-board marks, and 20% weightage each to Class XI annual exams and Class 10 Board marks.

“The decision of CBSE to cancel the XII board examination is a decision taken in the interest of the children, I welcome it. I myself have been emphasising in front of you and on other platforms that it would not be right to call children to school for examinations without vaccinating them…It is a matter of great relief for us that CBSE is now considering similar parameters of XII result,” he wrote.

Sisodia presented certain suggestions after deliberations with teachers, parents and students of Delhi.

“First of all, our principle for evaluation should be that whatever method we adopt, it should be inclined in the interest of the children. Obviously, for this we have to take decisions rising above traditional principles and processes. The past year has been very challenging for our children and their parents. Children have not been given fair and equal opportunities to read and learn, so we should not object if the results of the children are much better due to the proposed new evaluation process,” he wrote. “Along with this, if we prepare results on the basis of different sources and examinations in evaluation, then perhaps justice will be done to all the children.”

“As I pointed out to you in my letter dated May 25, in the assessment of XII children, the examinations given by them in the past can be based on the following – XII Pre-Board Exam: Weightage 30, 11th Annual Exam : Weightage 20 and 10th Board Exam: Weightage 20,” he wrote.

He said for the Class X examination, evaluation should be “on the basis of the subject in which the child had secured the highest marks in Class X”. “This is necessary because the subjects of 10th class are very different from the subject of XII,” he wrote.

He also said Class XII evaluation should be done keeping in mind that theory is of 70 marks and practicals of 30 marks.

“My second suggestion is regarding moderation by CBSE. According to the scheme prescribed by CBSE for the X marking scheme in terms of moderation, the reference point of moderation will be decided on the basis of the results of the last 3 years of the school and moderation of +2/-2 marks will be allowed in it. For the 12th result, I suggest that the moderation range should be increased to +5/-5 marks,” he said.

“Along with this, some new Schools of Excellence have also started in Delhi in which students were about to appear for the Class XII board exams for the first time. There is no historical reference to these schools. The reference year of such schools should be taken from the nearest School of Excellence to them so that there is no undue harm to the children here,” Sisodia wrote.

He also said those students going into Class XII this year should be told in advance how they will be evaluated. “As I said in my previous letter, we should tell the students going to class XII in the next one month how their exams will be held this year. We hope that you will take appropriate steps in this direction as soon as possible,” he wrote.

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