Finland’s PM apologises for controversial partying incident

Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, issued an apology on Tuesday for a contentious photograph that was shot at her home, less than a week after the 36-year-old aroused controversy with a video of her partying.
The image, which has been circulating in Finnish media, features two ladies kissing, baring their torsos, and covering their breasts with the word “Finland.”

At the time, “friends” were “spending the evening” and “heading to the sauna,” according to Marin. A former Miss Finland contestant and social media star who is in the snap initially posted the image on a TikTok account.

Marin had a drug test on Friday to “clear up doubts” as a result of the uproar.  A sample of her urine was examined for the presence of several medications. It gave negative results.

Some people  have defended her right to enjoy a private event with friends.
Antti Lindtman, leader of the Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group, told the media that he “can’t see any serious problem with dancing at a private event with friends,” indicating that Marin has thus far received the support of her party.

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