Instagram makes it harder for teens to access sensitive content


Days before testifying before the US Senate over the effects of apps on its teenage users, Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed changes to the way the social media platform offers material to teens

With “Less” experience being selected by default for new teen users signing up on the app, the app is now narrowing its default content recommendation for teenagers.
The sensitive content controls on Instagram now come in two forms: “Standard” and “Less.” Users will see some sensitive content if they choose the “Standard” option, however “Less” shows very little to no sensitive content while using the app. There is a “More” option also , but that is only limited to users over 18.

The app first launched its first set of parental controls in March of this year, enabling parents to monitor their child’s Instagram account, the parents can also see the people they are following and being followed by and can receive notifications whenever their kid reports someone on the app.

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