Somalia car bombings kill at least 100, President says

MOGADISHU: Two vehicle explosions at a busy intersection in the capital left at least 100 people dead and 300 injured.
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the president of Somalia, warned that the death toll in the nation’s bloodiest strike since a truck bombing at the same location five years ago could increase.
Those who saw the attack were in shock. Witness Abdirazak Hassan claimed, “I couldn’t count the bodies on the ground due to the (number of) casualties.” He claimed that the initial explosion struck the education ministry’s outer wall, which housed street sellers and money changers.
The second explosion happened at lunchtime in front of a popular restaurant. In a location with several restaurants and hotels, the blasts destroyed tuk-tuks and other cars.
One journalist was killed and two others were injured by the second blast while going to the scene of the first, according to the Somali Journalists Syndicate, citing coworkers and police.

We can’t transport all the victims outside the nation for treatment, therefore we beg our international allies and Muslims all over the world to send their medical professionals here, he said.

The terrorist group al-Shabab, which has ties to al-Qaida and frequently targets the capital and governs vast portions of the nation, claimed responsibility and stated that their target was the education ministry. It stated that the ministry was a “enemy base” that was “dedicated to pulling Somali children from the Islamic faith” and that it was supported by non-Muslim nations.

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