WhatsApp is planning to add undo  button to recover deleted messages in iPhone 

A very useful feature of WhatsApp is the ability to erase a message. But occasionally, one accidentally deletes a communication, and once that happens, there is no way to get it back. That was the case, at least up until now, since it has been reported that WhatsApp will soon add a function that could assist in the problem’s resolution.

How will the feature work?

The “delete for me” option is available to users whenever they send a message and wish to delete it. A message is now permanently destroyed after deletion. Users will now have the chance to undo their actions by tapping the “message deleted” option. There is no indication of how long users will be able to utilise the undo button before it expires. Users won’t be able to reverse their actions once they have erased a message.

The functionality is already rolling out to WhatsApp beta users who are running iOS   You will have to wait for the upcoming upgrades if you don’t have this functionality yet.

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